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Wimbledon has a long and illustrious brewing history. The original Wimbledon Brewery was started by William Cook in 1832. It stood in Wimbledon High Street where the old fire station is today. Next door was the Brewery Tap beer house, also run by William Cook. At that time there were 115 breweries in the London (we are now getting back to a similar number today!) including the Wheatsheaf Brewery in the Crooked Billet area of Wimbledon in the 18th century run by William Watney (whose direct descendants went on to establish the famous Watney brewing empire).

A fire started at the brewery on January 2nd 1889. The interior of the building was badly damaged and all the brewing equipment and machinery destroyed, although the main structure of the building was left intact.

The new brewery is based on the site of Merton Priory (which was brewing throughout the Middle Ages until its dissolution in 1538) and is the custodian of rich local heritage - with the Phoenix and Tower in their logo a direct nod to the old brewery.

We at Hoppily are very much enjoying the amazing Quartermaine IPA named after the one time owner of the original brewery in the 1880's and a great example of an English style IPA with a fruity but spicy aroma and a clean dry bitter finish.

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  • Quartermaine
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