Solvay Society

Year Founded:
Nearest Station:
Newbury Park (Central Line)

Solvay Society is a rather unusual brewery. Named after the influential Physics and Chemistry conferences held in the Belgian town of the same name (the physicists amongst you will recognise the 5th conference in 1927 as pivotal in development of of quantum theory), Roman (the Head Brewer and Founder), is not only a Physics PhD but a displaced Belgian with a passion for great beer.

Put simply, Roman's approach is to apply the experimentation and debate which characterised those Solvay Conferences in his academic field to beer - combining modern techniques and styles with traditional Belgian beers.

The results are modern Belgian style beers with a twist and amongst the most exciting being produced in Essex today, sometimes in collaboration with others such as Elephant School (Brentwood Brewery).

The brewery itself is on a farm - an idyllic spot complete with roaming Peacocks - which feels much further away than the 3 minute drive it is from the hustle and bustle of the A12 into London, close to Newbury Park.

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  • Structure of Matter
    Structure of Matter | Belgian Pale Ale
  • Superposition
    Superposition | Session IPA / Witbier