Signature Brew

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Leyton (Central Line)

Signature Brew is another brewery that focuses on two of our favourite things - beer (obviously) but also music (rock on).

Rather like the Hoppily story, the concept of Signature Brew was born in a pub, when two cousins, tired of drinking mediocre overpriced lager in music venues, decided a change needed to be brought. In 2011, with a little help from some internationally renowned bands and musicians, Sam and Tom started delivering on their commitment to get good beer into the hands of gig goers.

Well, in our book that was a great start point. Since then, the team has grown, a permanent brewery has taken shape in Leyton, East London and the quest to provide good beer to accompany good music has continued in earnest!

In 2018, Signature are supporting Independent Venue Week (the last two weeks in January), stocking beer in 200+ music venues and sponsoring gigs up and down the country!

As well as collaboration brews with various artists (including Rodney P of London Posse and supplying the beer at the Foo Fighters pop-up bar), their core range of beers are certainly worth making a song and dance about (sorry).

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  • Raw Power
    Raw Power | IPA

    Using a traditional Scandi brewing technique, this full-bodied Raw IPA is a collaboration between Signature Brew & Norway’s Nøgne ø. Expect hits of gooseberry, peach and mango.

  • White Keys
    White Keys | Hefenweizen
  • Backstage IPA
    Backstage IPA | IPA (US)
  • Festival Saison
    Festival Saison | Saison
  • Nightliner
    Nightliner | Porter
  • Roadie
    Roadie | Session IPA