Rock Leopard Brewing

Year Founded:

Rock Leopard Brewing is another gypsy brewery who have begun their adventures into the world of craft brewing with the help of other breweries, although they are looking to establish their own permanent home soon - aiming for a 35hl brewery in South East London.

Rock Leopard is inspired by a love of the couchant noble cat and music. This seems to be inspiring the artwork on their opening beer - 'Savage Scene', a fantastic American style Pale Ale - which absolutely fantastic. We've seen the graphics for the next beer in the series - 'Distant Cousin of a Mu Mu Cat' - which, apart from a crazy name, also has some of the most vivid and distinctive artwork we've seen. More beer soon then!

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  • Distant Cousin of Mu Mu Cat
    Distant Cousin of Mu Mu Cat | IPA (US)
  • Chunk O'Change
    Chunk O'Change | Session IPA
  • Savage Scene Inner City Pale Ale
    Savage Scene Inner City Pale Ale | Pale Ale (US)