Redchurch Brewery

Bethnal Green, London and Harlow, Essex
Year Founded:
Nearest Station:
(Taproom) Bethnal Green (Central Line, London Underground), Cambridge Heath (London Overground)

Redchurch has grown rapidly since its launch in 2011. So much so, that it’s expanded into a new site in Harlow to continue brewing its ever-popular and beautifully presented core beer range, including the splendid ‘Hoxton Stout’ and ‘Brick Lane Lager’.

The brewery’s original Bethnal Green premises continues to play a key role – delivering a rotating range of its experimental ‘Urban Farmhouse’ beers, as well as playing host to the Redchurch taproom.

So, there you have it: a brewery from London AND Essex! In fact, the Essex brewery is the closest to the Hoppily HQ depot – mmm, maybe an extra case for us?

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  • Smokey Monarch
    Smokey Monarch | Smoked Beer

    Collaboration with Birrificio Lambrate

  • X06277
    X06277 | IPA
  • The Sky Is Red In Berlin
    The Sky Is Red In Berlin | Berliner Weisse
  • The Sky is Red in Berlin
    The Sky is Red in Berlin | Sour
  • Great Eastern IPA
    Great Eastern IPA | IPA
  • Cherry Chocolate Porter
    Cherry Chocolate Porter | Porter
  • Bethnal Pale Ale
    Bethnal Pale Ale | Pale Ale (US)
  • Brick Lane Lager
    Brick Lane Lager | Lager
  • Paradise Pale Ale
    Paradise Pale Ale | Pale Ale

    A crisp refreshing beer, with a light tangerine and grapefruit citrus taste and an easy drinking bitter finish. It pours a hazy yellow with a fresh zesty citrus aroma. One for the summer.

  • Shoreditch Blonde
    Shoreditch Blonde | Blonde Ale

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  • Hoxton Stout
    Hoxton Stout | Stout

    A big, bold and rich beer from Redchurch, Hoxton Stout is a blend of Chinook, Columbus and Cascade hops, resulting in a dark and rich beer with notes of chocolate and espresso.