Pig & Porter Brewing Co.

Tunbridge Wells
Year Founded:
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Tumbridge Wells

Pig & Porter is a tale of fate and serendipity, ability and determination. And a love of beer that keeps leading them to new places. Like many good things, Pig and Porter was conceived around a kitchen table.

From full-time event caterers and occasional brewers, Pig and Porter changed direction when they were able to take over a former brewery in Tunbridge Wells. From there, they learnt that brewing is a subtle balance of art and science, seeking to brew with new ingredients - using experimental hops whenever they can - to create beers that they want to drink.

Having made a beer for the broadcasting legend “Whispering" Bob Harris (amazing, I know!!) and Kent Cricket hero, Darren Stevens, these guys are living the dream!!!

"Whispering Bob" is one of our fav's not only because its plays homage to the Radio hero - it's a great American IPA, packed full of hops (giving hints of peach, grapefruit and pine), married with the gentle toffee background afforded by their signature Belgian Aromatic Malt. It's an absolute legend in its own right and certainly meets our "Old Grey Whistle Test"(did you see what we did there!?!?).

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