ORA Brewing

Year Founded:

Founded in 2016 in Modena (Italy), ORA is an independent brewery dedicated to creating beers that marry the quality of finest Italian ingredients with contemporary beer styles. ORA brew their beers at UBREW in Bermondsey (South East London).

Derived from home-brewing 10 years ago, Daniele, Pietro and Emanuele decided to give home-brewing a go, and started brewing in a garage, using a friend’s pot, they then progressed to buying their first nano brewing machine. After an overwhelming response, they decided to take their passion to the next level and started to sell around Emillia Romagna and in Milan and ORA Brewing was born. ORA Brewing are currently selling in 30 shops, pubs and restaurants in the London area. They are continually working to strengthen their presence in the UK.

Our particular favourite is the Balsamic Milk Stout – brewed with 10 years wooden barrel aged balsamic vinegar and vanilla. This stout explores the sensory connections between brewing and gastronomic traditions and has created a tribute to the Balsamic Vinegar, known as “Italy’s black gold”. The balsamic is an incredible balance between balsamic profile, roasted character, dry herbal finish and milky sweetness a real beauty at ABV. 6%.

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  • Incrusee Series Limoncello IPA
    Incrusee Series Limoncello IPA | IPA

    The idea is to re-create the creamy Limoncello from Sorrento, blending Extra Pale with Cara Gold to give a bright yellow color, lots of flaked oats for a well rounded body, and lactose for the “velvet” effect. We haven’t used any artificial concentrates or puree, just lots of IGP fresh Lemons sourced from Sicily Food. Lemon peel is added in the boil and after for dry-hopping, giving enough time for the lemons to release all their essential oils.

  • ORA Lupo
    ORA Lupo | Pale Ale (US)

    Lupo is inspired by the great hoppy interpretations of USA. This modern
    American Pale Ale is perfectly balanced with his bright, citrusy and tropi-
    cal aroma and a slightly earthy, floral and spicy palate.
    Incredibly smooth!
    Malts: Maris Otter, Crystal.

  • Ermes
    Ermes | Pilsner - (German)

    A celebration of comfort and simplicity, Ermes is our take on the traditional pilsner style with grassy and floral aromas given by the noble Saaz hops and a clean, crips bitterness.

  • Limoncello IPA
    Limoncello IPA | IPA
  • Bacio Gelato Stout
    Bacio Gelato Stout | Milk Stout
  • Stracciatella
    Stracciatella | Porter
  • Gioele Brown Ale
    Gioele Brown Ale | Brown Ale
  • #33 IPA
    #33 IPA | IPA
  • Balsamic Milk Stout
    Balsamic Milk Stout | Milk Stout
  • Lupo
    Lupo | Pale Ale (US)