Maldon Brewery Co

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Hatfield Peverel

Started by Nigel Farmer in 2002, Maldon Brewing Company is one of the longest established breweries in Essex.

Maldon operates one of the smallest running pubs in Essex. Located in Maldon, the bar seats 12 inside a grade 2 listed building, measuring a minuscule 3.4 x 3.6 metres! This cosy pub has a big attitude and delivers one of our classic craft ales.

The micro pub often sources guest beers from London breweries and usually has four draft beers, with a five beer Friday event for that extra choice once a week! They also have two to three real ciders, sourced from across the UK complemented with some interesting meads, wines, and prosecco as well as soft drinks.

In terms of their beers, we particularly like the Classic Beard series - limited edition beers released once a month. The Whaler IPA, a New England style beer, is an absolute treat! Let’s hope it comes back again!

  • Blank Planet
    Blank Planet | Red Ale

    Progressive rock band Porcupine Tree released their album 'Fear of Blank Planet' in 2007. It's inspired by a novel and is about the fear of losing the current generation of youth to various common threats to their mental and social wellbeing. This beer is nowhere near as heavy, it's a red-hued ale so just enjoy!

  • Christmas Trifle
    Christmas Trifle | English Bitter

    A seasonal amber ale with the sweet treats of Christmas.

    AMAROK | Blonde Ale

    AMAROK is a single work by Mike Oldfield of exactly one hour. Released in 1990, AMAROK was designed as a protest against his record company. Given its length, its almost un-marketable. Maldon Brewing Co's take on Amarok is quite the opposite. A blonde ale with Barvarian Madarina hops which give tangerine notes. Very Marketable.

  • Nine Feet Underground
    Nine Feet Underground | Stout

    Nine Feet Underground is a 22 minute track by the progressive rock band Caravan, comprising of eight parts. It takes up the whole of the second side of their 1971 album 'In the Land of Pink and Grey'. Maldon brewers have once again produced a similarly epic stout with a full body and great chocolatey notes. English Target and Admiral hops round off this fine stout.

  • Fountain of Salmacis
    Fountain of Salmacis | Blonde Ale

    An easy blonde, with Kazbek and Marynka hops for smooth lemony tones.

    The fountain of Salmacis can be found in modern day Bodrum, Turkey. the genesis song is based on the legend of the nymph Salmacis and the God Hermaphroditus from Greek mythology and is their album 'Nursery Cryme'. Maldon brewing Co's Fountain of Salmacis is an easy drinking blonde session ale.

  • Turn it On Again
    Turn it On Again | Session IPA
  • Turn It On Again
    Turn It On Again | Pale Ale
  • Panta
    Panta | Pale Ale (US)
  • Whaler
    Whaler | IPA (New England)