Loud Shirt Brewing Co.

Year Founded:

Loud Shirt started brewing beer in a garden shed, but now have a 10 barrel brewery in Brighton with a capacity of 6,000 pints per week!

The Loud Shirt Brewing Co. was set up by Martyn Batchelor and Mike Thomson in 2016. They have two things in common – their love of brewing vibrant, delicious beers; and the love of loud shirts!

We love this - one of our co-founder’s was also occasionally vilified in the office in his life before Hoppily (Ed - he had a life!) for his loud shirts and, well, he also loves beer. (Ed - Perhaps we can ship him off to Brighton!)

Martyn is the Loud Shirt ‘Ale-Chemist’ - weaving magical spells to transform the malt, hops, yeast and secret ingredients into liquid gold. Mike is the ‘Loud Shirt Beer Cellar’, a truly dedicated follower of passion, unleashing Loud Shirt beers into the world.

The chaps clearly love a play on words and don’t take themselves too seriously - we look forward to sharing a beer soon!