Kew Brewery

Kew, London
Year Founded:
Nearest Station:
Mortlake (South West Trains)

Kew are the furthest west of all the breweries we work with, but their beers are simply too good not to include in our inventory! They’ve been brewing since 2015 and are passionate about sustainability and power all their brews with renewable energy: unsurprising, given their proximity to Kew Gardens! 

Their ‘Kew Green and Black’ chocolate milk stout is a revelation (and just 3.9% ABV). The ‘Pagoda’ series provides an interesting and inventive twist to a regular pale ale and they also donate 5p of every pint sold to the World Land Trust charity – an altruistic reason to order a Kew Brewery pint!

  • Kew Green (& Black)
    Kew Green (& Black) | Stout - Milk

    Big flavours from Kew Brewery’s award-winning (Champion Beer of Ealing Beer Festival 2015) low ABV stout containing real organic chocolate and milk sugar (lactose). The combination of four malts, oats, and wheat with a ‘dry hop’ of cacao nibs adds further layers of luxuriantly rich bitter-sweet chocolate to this complex, flavourful stout. As good as it sounds (and looks)!