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Honey and beer what’s not to love?

Hiver was born out of an admiration for London’s urban beekeepers and a passion for craft beer.

Using only British ingredients and suppliers, Hiver ferment with raw honeys to produce their range.  What’s especially interesting is that Honey is a core ingredient throughout the brewing process and as much care and attention is applied to selecting the right honeys for each beer as is to selecting the combination of hops and malts.  The result is genuinely honey infused beer - not an afterthought as is often the case in ‘honey flavoured’ beers.  We happen to think that they are onto something - the beers are consistently excellent!

Hannah and her team bring a real passion to their product - the taproom is welcoming and conveniently located on the Bermondsey beer mile.  We commend you to check it out!

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  • Hiver The Honey IPA
    Hiver The Honey IPA | IPA
  • Honey Ale
    Honey Ale | Brown Ale