Hammerton Brewery

Islington, London
Year Founded:
Nearest Station:
Caledonian Road & Barnsbury (London Overground)

Hammerton Brewery is a new microbrewery with a long history: the original starting life in London in 1868 before closing in the late 1950’s. Lee Hammerton (a distant descendent of the original family) resurrected the name when starting his new brewery in 2014.

Alongside some thoroughly modern brews, such as the brilliant American hopped ‘N7 IPA’, Hammerton have delved into the archives to recreate an old recipe – ‘Pentonville Oyster Stout’. Based on the original blueprint for an oyster stout developed in 1938 by the original Hammerton brewery, whole Essex oysters are added halfway through the boil to create a chocolatey stout with hints of brininess and seawater tastes from the oysters. Delish!

Even the Hammerton logo has a nod to the past – inspired by the bottle tops that the original brewery used back in the day. Here’s to a long and uninterrupted history from here on in. Cheers!

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  • N1
    N1 | Pale Ale
  • N7
    N7 | IPA

    A refreshing IPA featuring six different hops from the US and New Zealand giving a complex citrus aroma. This beer was the very first produced by the modern incarnation of Hammerton and it’s a good one too, so becoming the first (but no means last) Hammerton beer featured by Hoppily!