Fable Brewery

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Fable Brewery is a rather interesting addition to the Essex brewery stable. Led by Sam Martyn (who some will recognise as the talented Head Brewer at George's Brewery in Great Wakering), Fable Brewery is gipsy or cuckoo brewery. This means that rather than having their own premises or equipment, Fable instead hire the facilities of Georges’s Brewery and other Essex breweries to produce limited edition beers in small batches with no permanent range.

We think this is very exciting and we look forward to seeing where Sam might pitch up next and what brews he is going to come up with as he travels around Essex.

As you may have heard, Hoppily welcomed the first beer from Fable Brewery - securing the entire bottle output of the fantastic Genesis Pale Ale for our customers - as an exclusive to Hoppily. Watch out for more of the same in the coming months! We can't wait!

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  • Pilgrim's Path
    Pilgrim's Path | Pale Ale
  • Enchanted IPA
    Enchanted IPA | IPA
  • Elixir
    Elixir | Golden Ale
  • Genesis Pale Ale
    Genesis Pale Ale | Pale Ale