Enefeld Brewing Co.

Year Founded:
Nearest Station:
Angel Road (Greater Anglia)

Located just off the A406 North Circular, the industrial estate may seem rather inauspicious. However, this conceals the surprise presence of Enefeld’s very own bore hole, supplying the brewery with its own pure water supply from the Lea Valley – they even bottle it for use in the taproom!

The core range includes the very drinkable ‘London Pilsner’ and ‘London IPA’. Already the team has developed a range of seasonal specials including the hoppy ‘American Rye Lager’, and the ‘Blackpowder IPA’ – a Black Cascadian IPA which is part inspired by Enfield’s significant role in UK military history in the production of munitions.

Spelling purists put your dictionaries away - the brewery’s spelling of ‘Enefeld’ (pronounced “EH n feld”) is an old moniker of Enfield as recorded in the Domesday Book, the earliest record of the area.

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  • American Rye Lager
    American Rye Lager | Rye Beer
  • London Porter
    London Porter | Porter

    A classic London Porter with tones of chocolate, caramel, coffee and dark berries. Absolutely delicious.