Elephant School Brewing Co

Brentwood, Essex
Year Founded:
Nearest Station:
Brentwood (Greater Anglia)

A subsidiary of Brentwood Brewing Co, Elephant School Brewing is named after the Elephant School that was in the base for the army barrack, which was a depot for the Essex Regiment. The school was run by the British East India Trading Company and ran until 1959.

The beers are not along the traditional lines of its parent and so you can expect to see some rather different samples of beers being born.

If you’re heading to the Brewery for a tour or to enjoy the taproom, take the Ongar Road through Brentwood (and don’t let your SatNav fool you into thinking there’s a non-existent turn off the A12)!

  • Elephant School Pils
    Elephant School Pils | Pilsner
  • Hefelump
    Hefelump | Wheat Beer
  • Cheru Kol
    Cheru Kol | Belgian Pale Ale
  • Porter in a Storm
    Porter in a Storm | Porter

    For a taste that will have you singing in the rain, this rich porter showers your tastebuds with waves of chocolate, fruity and bitter with successive sips. Porter in a Storm is one to pour down your throat if your caught in a downpour or any time you want a great beer.

  • Sombrero
    Sombrero | Saison

    Another intriguing Elephant School creation, Sombrero is infused with a burst of passion fruit and hint of mint. The idea is a beer which tips its wide brimmed hat to its European Saison roots via the flavours of Mexico. Intriguing indeed…and delicious!