East London Brewing Co.

Year Founded:

Hoppily are a family business - led by two brothers but with strong input from other family members (not least our lovely Marketing & Events Manager Cheryl who basically does everything including playing the role of enduring wife!). So we especially like meeting and working with other family businesses.

East London Brewing Co are a great example of this. Led by husband and wife team Stu and Claire, the duo actually set up the business while Claire had just had her second child. Both of them gave up other careers while juggling raising a new family to make their passion for beer also their livelihood.

We salute them for their sacrifices and dedication to the cause. Since they established ELB in 2011, they have developed an enviable reputation for their beers and their collaborative and helpful approach (even for us, the first time that we met Claire, she introduced us to our box supplier).

Here's to more successful family beer businesses!!

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  • Beyond The Tower
    Beyond The Tower | IPA

    Written records from the 1720s refer to East London as "The Part Beyond the Tower", which inspired the name of our SIPA. Citra, Chinook and Mandarina Bavaria hops give this pale, slightly hazy, session IPA it's citrus, tropical and resinous flavours.

  • Nightwatchman
    Nightwatchman | Dark Ale
  • Peacock English Pale Ale
    Peacock English Pale Ale | Pale Ale
  • Jamboree
    Jamboree | Golden Ale
  • Quadrant
    Quadrant | Stout
  • Cowcatcher APA
    Cowcatcher APA | Pale Ale (US)