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OMG where to start... We first encountered Deviant & Dandy at their launch event back in January which certainly lived up to their name...

Welcome to Deviant and Dandy Brewery.  Founders Byron Knight (the Deviant) and Ben Taub (The Fixer) are looking to plot the map to brewing glory. Having been around in the early days of the craft beer movement in the UK (Byron was a founder of Beavertown), it’s a passion that the founders of Deviant and Dandy could not shake. 

Deviant and Dandy Brewery think that you can’t always drink just hoppy IPA and you shouldn’t define your life by just mild bitter ale - rather they believe we are a modern people and we can choose everyday and with every pint to define who we are. WE LOVE THIS!

So, Deviant and Dandy Brewery looks to give our community, with our ever changing and schizofrantic life, the chance to express with Dandy style beers like pale ales, brown bitters and lagers or Deviant styles like IPA, heritage rice APA, or new world sours. They make beers that speak to your inner voice to express and explore new styles and flavours of beer.  WE LOVE THIS TOO!

Byron used to be the manager at high-end restaurants, where we developed an after hours home brewing habit - there is nothing about drinking that he doesn’t love (except for bad drunks, we all know one).  He came to London as a political refugee from the USA back when G.W. Bush became president; saying he wasn’t a fan is an understatement.  Little did he know they would end up with Trump. You won’t see this man rushing back to the US now... Note... Hoppily has no official political affiliation... but, HELL, we couldn't agree more!

Ben is an avid marketer and creative having run a digital and branding agency working across music, film, tech as well as the food and drinks industries and comes from good beer stock, having grown up in Belgium and Germany and arriving in the UK prior to the craft beer boom!

Now - back to our attendance at the launch party.  Not sure that we can argue that there wasn't a bad head at Hoppily HQ after that party!  What a night, what a crowd, what a scene.. !!  We PARTIED!  Partied HARD!  A Hoppily HQ member was a bit worse for wear on the way home.. we won't mention who!  See you again soon D&D Taproom!!! ;)

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