Chelmsford Brew Co

Year Founded:

Back in 2012 Hans and his eldest started a summer project, they decided to have a go at home brewing in the little blue shack at the end of the garden. The first batch was a tasty one and they knew it could only get better.

Soon enough the bottles of ales started to appear at family gatherings, we loved sharing our tasteful craft ales and better yet it was a great feeling when more and more people started to ask about our ales.

Fast forward 5 years and who could of known that it would grow into such an exciting journey for the whole family! We are now able to share our ales with more and more people every day.

  • Funky Tobias
    Funky Tobias | Pale Ale
  • Blueshack Bitter
    Blueshack Bitter | Bitter
  • Radio City
    Radio City | Pale Ale (US)