Canopy Beer Co.

Herne Hill, London
Year Founded:
Nearest Station:
Herne Hill (South Eastern, Thameslink)

Canopy Beer Co. opened its doors under the railway arches in Herne Hill in 2014 – adding a microbrewery to another up-and-coming area of South London.

As well as tasting great, the use of imagery on Canopy’s beers is magnificent, conjuring nostalgic images of “The Wind in the Willows” and Beatrix Potter stories. The core range includes the signature ‘Brockwell IPA’, the impressive ‘Troy Town Saison’ and ‘Champion Kolsch’, demonstrating a dexterity of styles supplementing an ever-changing roster of new brews.

Founder and Brewer, Matthew Theobalds also happens to be one of the nicest chaps we’ve come across in the London craft beer scene. We strongly suggest a visit to the taproom to enjoy a beer outside in the sunshine!

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  • Thrills & Spills
    Thrills & Spills | IPA

    Black, white and red all over. A Penguin in a Santa suit. High and low, near and far. Seek it and you'll see.

    Unrefined. Unfiltered. Unpasteurised.

  • Mandarin & Bergamot IPA
    Mandarin & Bergamot IPA | IPA
  • Sunray Pale Ale
    Sunray Pale Ale | Pale Ale (US)

    This is the beer to reward yourself with after a hard day grafting or crafting. A real easy-drinking pale ale dry-hopped with Chinook, at a perfectly sessionable 4.2% abv.

    Sunray, Sunday, Sunny pale, call it what you will; a beer for all occasions, not just when the sun is shining.

  • Snapper
    Snapper | Session IPA
  • Lloper Everyday Oyster Stout
    Lloper Everyday Oyster Stout | Oyster Stout
  • Tall Trees
    Tall Trees | Session IPA
  • Brockwell IPA
    Brockwell IPA | IPA
  • Champion Kolsch
    Champion Kolsch | Kolsch
  • Sunray Pale Ale
    Sunray Pale Ale | Pale Ale (US)

    One of our favourites beers, this Pale Ale has a refreshing, lemon zesty flavour ideal for a Summer’s evening or, indeed, drinking all day long! Beautiful! And a wonderful looking can too!

  • Troy Town Saison
    Troy Town Saison | Saison

    Farmhouse saison. With Belgian yeast flavours and distinctive Japanese Sorachi Ace hops, this is no wallflower of a beer. Enjoy.