Brockley Brewery

Brockley, London
Year Founded:
Nearest Station:
Brockley (London Overground / Southern Trains)

Founded by a consortium of beer lovers in 2013, Brockley Brewery continues to make great strides with a new brewing team lead by Jon and Colm from early 2017 backed by the very knowledgeable Matt leading the sales efforts. 

The beers are cleanly presented, covering a full range of styles from a Golden Ale to a Porter and an excellent IPA, with a lager due to join the ranks later this year. 

Brockley Brewery characterises the best of the craft beer revolution: a community based brewery making great use of space in an overlooked part of London, totally focused on serving its local customers.

We also doff our caps at Brockley’s charitable endeavours. They’re donating £1 from the sale of every signature poster to Shelter and, despite their small size, raised over £1000 last year from a beer and curry event in aid of the charity Refugee Child. What a generous bunch! 

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  • Golden
    Golden | Golden Ale
  • Lager
    Lager | Lager

    This is one does what is says on the tin – it’s a crisp, easy drinking Pilsner style Lager. This is proving to be Brockley’s most popular beer to date and it is easy to see why.

  • IPA
    IPA | IPA