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What we've been drinking...

Posted on: 19th September 2017


Among the best parts about running Hoppily are the all-important tasting sessions we have to complete.  With so many beers being brewed it’s tough to separate the wheat from the chaff and decide what should go into our subscriptions boxes; we only want to send you the very best.  Here’s a roundup of some of the beers we’ve been drinking this month…

Bianca Road – Paradise IPA
We’ve been trying to keep the summer alive at Hoppily HQ – and Bianca Road’s Paradise IPA has been the perfect accompaniment.  Best served cold from the can, the soft fruity notes of grapefruit and lemon add a zing that cuts through the bitterness.  Sometimes fruity flavoured beers can be a little overpowering, but this one is nicely balanced and the fruit nicely complements the beer.  Bianca Road have really impressed us with some great craft beer over the last few months; we’ll definitely be including some more their beers in upcoming boxes.


Crouch Vale – Brewers Gold
A modern classic, Crouch Vale’s Brewers Gold is a multi-award winning golden ale, and rightly so.  A wonderful introduction to beers from Essex breweries, this perfectly sessionable ale (coming in at 4% ABV) is subtly complex and full of flavour.  The bitterness of the hops is complemented by the fruity tones, and the barley malts provide a pleasing golden colour and a lovely light, crisp taste - making this a refreshing brew.  The balance of flavours of this beer really stands out – it’s beautifully crafted, and will always be a ‘go-to’ beer at Hoppily HQ.  A trip to their taproom to sample this straight from the cask is well worth the visit.


Elephant School – Sombrero
There are always certain beers that you naturally steer clear of – for me, when stood at a bar or browsing the shelves, I will generally avoid a saison; I think this stems from drinking too much Hoegaarden as a 16 year old, but it’s stuck with me (apparently, I was an oddly posh teen – preferring a Belgian farmhouse style to a more well-known Belgian lager!).  So when my brother suggested we include Elephant School’s Sombrero in our subscription boxes, I was a little dubious.  However, having given this a try, I was impressed – this doesn’t have the overpowering ‘floral bubblegum’ flavour I associate with saisons, rather it drinks a bit like a lager; light, crisp and fresh, with hints of passion fruit coming through, but not overwhelming.  I was surprised at how drinkable this was – and will definitely rethink my aversion to saisons!  Another great beer from one of our favourite Essex breweries.


Brewheadz – Electro Beat APA
A huge hoppy punch hits you from the first sip of the APA from Brewheadz, this is followed by some a tropical fruity aftertaste – which is really pleasant.  The strong malty profile provides a full body, which adds a complexity to the flavour profile.  Despite its 5.4% ABV this is a supremely drinkable beer and a fine example of the great craft beers coming out of Tottenham from these 4 Italians.  Be sure to join them at the taproom for beer and pizza at their end of summer party on Saturday 23rd September.

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