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How it Works

Every month we'll be curating a selection of the best local beers from independent Essex and London based breweries - widening our search across the country as our mission gains momentum.


Hop 1 - Choose your club membership options - rolling monthly or save money by paying for 3, 6 or 12 months in advance - and receive 8 handpicked beers straight to your door.

Hop 2 - Sample, savour and review the beers at your leisure.

Hop 3 - We curate and personalise our club member’s beer selections.

Our ‘Explorer’ box selections will occasionally lean towards to more unusual or the brand new to test your palate but are always comprised of a mix of styles - from Lagers through Pale Ales to Stouts and Porters - based on Hoppily’s own research into the very best of beers from London, Essex and the South East of England.

Over time, we plan to tailor your selections by using your own review scores and comments, which Hoppily’s algorithm devours and considers to ensure our choices appeal to your very personal and distinct tastes.

Hop 4 - Every month, receive a further carefully-curated box of beers to enjoy and review.

A world of Craft beer at your fingertips...

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