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How much does it cost?

All our standard rolling monthly subscriptions cost £25 per month including delivery.

You can save £10 by signing up to six months in advance or get one month free (saving £25) by signing up for 12 months in advance.

How often will I be billed?

If you choose a rolling monthly subscription you will be billed immediately for your first box, billed again one calendar month later for your second month and so on.

If you choose a six-monthly or annual subscription, you will pay for 6 or 12 months (as appropriate) now and at the end of the 6 or 12 month period, will be billed for a further 6 or 12 months.

How often will I receive my subscription box?

You will receive a new box, with a brand new set of beers every month.

Please allow up to seven working days to receive your first order.

Your second month’s beers will be sent around one month after your initial order.

How many beers are in a subscription box?

You will always receive 8 beers a month.

What sort of beers will I receive?

We aim to deliver a range of beers across different styles – from light beers such as lagers and golden ales, through IPAs, Bitters and Red Ales to dark beers such as Stouts and Porters.

The Classic Box will be curated by Hoppily every month and we will focus more on ‘classic’ styles but from across the beer spectrum. The idea is to sample a range of great beers produced by local breweries from Essex and London.

The Explorer Box has a similar start point as the Classic but we will also throw a few ‘twists’ into the selection. That may be in the form of a few slightly more unusual styles or brand new breweries to test your palate. This is because we want you to review our Explorer selections so that we can get to know your tastes and preferences. Over time, this means that we will tweak the beer selections in your Explorer box to your own tastes.

How do I change my credit card or delivery address details?

Simply login to the My Account area, click the link ‘Billing Information’ where you can edit your details. Please edit your address details at least 3 working days before your next order is scheduled to avoid your beers going to an incorrect address.

Can I change the frequency of my orders including skipping a month because I’m going on holiday?

Once you log into your My Account area, you can review a full schedule of your upcoming deliveries by clicking ‘Delivery Schedule’. If you want to pause or skip a month, you can do so very easily by clicking ‘Skip’. If you wish to skip a month, please ensure that you select this option at least 3 working days before the relevant date. If you have any specific requirements, questions or queries, please get in touch at info@hoppily.co.uk.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can follow the procedure in the My Account area and cancel without restriction. Please not that if you cancel a 6-month or 12-month subscription, we may charge a cancellation fee to reflect the initial discount offered to those subscriptions compared to the rolling monthly subscription.

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